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Catnip (Nepeta cataria): the plant that cats go crazy for has uses for humans as well.

Medicinal along with food uses

* Enjoyable pertaining to cats; some cats like it dried, others fresh. Within humans,

catnip is actually a great muscle mass relaxant when drunk (either within tea, infusion, or

tincture). Any time smoked, catnip can become a pain reliever somewhere between

Ultram as well as Lortab in strength. the effect will be similar to marijuana,

though legal, certainly not as strong, along with lengthier lasting. in my experience, pain

relief can be immediate, yet it's likely to fuzz your mind for approximately ten minutes.

After 10 minutes, the anguish relieving effect will go down any touch, nevertheless your

head clears. the better a portion of the pain sensation relief lasts with regard to an hour or so with

residual outcomes lasting numerous hours.


* Catnip tea can be calming hot or invigorating iced (as e.g. sun tea,

different compoun ds are generally extracted inside cold water).

* Tinctures can become created plain or combined with peppermint as well as cinnamon

(for antispasmodic and anti-inflamatory effect). I such as to make catnip,

peppermint, cinnamon schnapps or even wine with regard to pain relief which helps make me

less drowsy when compared with scullcap/passionflower. I use 15-20 drops of the

tincture or perhaps 45-60 in the C/P/C tincture. With Regards To two fingers associated with wine or

schnapps in h2o seems being effective.

* Catnip either can become rolled as well as place inside a pipe in order to smoke. End Up Being aware

that bystanders could also become affected.

* Catnip tea can always be used in an emergency circumstance as an enema to

reduce fever and also relax muscles someone who can't just take something by



* While talked about above, catnip can be well combined using peppermint and

cinnamon for a relaxant, antispasmodic, and also anti-inflammatory drink.

* Catnip as well as fennel tea, schnapps (heavily sweetened), or syrup is

good regarding abdomen upset, particularly if food can't be held down. If

you cannot get the tea in the single end also it is an emergency, place it in the

other way.

* You may possibly also combine together with willow bark and also passion flower within tea,

for exactly the same impact however I like cinnamon and also peppermint much better and

passion flower makes many individuals drowsy.

* Catmint may typically always be substituted for catnip. I find that

catmint tends in order to make muc h better tea when dried and also cats manage to feel the identical way.

By growing catmint within your garden, you tend to be able to much more easily protect it from

feral cats.

Contraindications, side effects, and interactions

* Don't boil catnip--it offers lots associated with people headaches (in my

experience). Steep inside warm water instead.

* Catnip tends to be able to make some people drowsy, although significantly less than other

herbs (e.g. scull cap or even St. John's wort).


I have got picked catnip along with spearmint inside the woods since I ended up being a

child. I enjoy iced catnip tea along with developed a batch associated with schnapps

experimentally (catnip, peppermint, cinnamon) as a means of reducing the

toothpaste taste of peppermint schnapps. Lo as well as behold, it absolutely was an

effective pain reliever with regard to my condition. I later on discovered that this

combination have been used traditionally regarding chronic rheumatism, which in turn is

the outdated term for fibromyalgia.

In camp 1 year, I harvested and also dried a range of grocery bags of

catnip. A Few of the seeds got to the compost and also took over. I had a

rather large quantity the subsequent year, too. every so often among the cats

would steal any whole sprig of catnip and also stash it somewhere. Regarding weeks,

t hey would be wide-eyed as well as nutty from intervals until their own stash was

used up.

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